Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Running late again.   Today is national teacher day.

I am thankful for many of the teachers that I have had in my many years of classrooms.  I admit I don't remember all of them but there are a few who stand out.

My 4th grade teacher who taught me how to study and really take responsibility

My college Economics professor (several classes with him) - taught me to appreciate the Wall street journal and to pay attention to my English.  We needed proper English to pass the courses with him.
Please forgive any misspellings in this message.

My college history professor.  Two question on the mid-term and two on the final and there were the only 2 exams.  Pay attention to everything -details, concepts, etc

Even after I joined the Army , there were many hours spent in the classroom.  Bless those that made sure I knew my left from my right.

Bless teachers everywhere!  I have plenty in my family and extended family.

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