Saturday, July 1, 2017

Yesterday I mentioned I had to park 4 blocks away from the art fair.   That was considered good and I was there early.  I thought I would show you some of the houses I walked past.  This is a older neighborhood,  mostly Victorians.  For the most part, outside of the homes is watched over by a neighborhood committee so that it remains a beautiful neighborhood.

This house had great decorative trim.
Even the front porch awing is painted to match.
Love the wooden door.

This one was the most modern and yet fit in beautifully.

I love the side entrance which is a separate unit.

I like the rounded "towers"

and the great porches.

This one is also older with a modern twist

There is actually nothing behind the squares.
It is open between them and the physical house.

And a great "tower".


This was taken a few days after Flag day.
It's a great lead into the 4th of July !

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