Monday, July 31, 2017

Let's hope that this goes well and actually posts as it should.

Progress report:

Walking the water's edge
This is what I pulled out of the priority bag
This is where I left off who knows how long ago.

Three Things Sampler
making some progress
the basing on the left is to ensure I had enough fabric

Close up of the house
left roof top is one color (as called for)
right roof top is my choice
please let me know which side you think looks better

Mystery sampler by Linens and Things
pastel mauve and browns now approaching into the medium tones
the finals third or so will have the darker tones.
the nearly empty row will end up having the alphabet
I debated this  over and over and finally decided on including the alphabet

Hoping more progress next week.


marly said...

I agree. Right roof.

Tiffstitch said...

Nice work on everything. I remember water's edge, so it can't have been that long. I love the blues and progression of colours in that one. I kind of like the left roof, but I tend to gravitate to those colours, so I'm likely biased there.

Kaisievic said...

Great progress - Water's Edge is such an interesting piece.