Thursday, May 21, 2015

Sorry it has been so long since a needlework update.  Last week I was gone to a conference (state level) and our big project at home has hit a snag.  We are furiously working away on it.  So, in the wee hours of the night or early morning when I can't sleep, I have been stitching.  Stitching is wonderful to calm the nerves and makes me relax.   Here's a look.

 St. Basil

 Last time, this was shown more square

I worked on this while listening to the business sessions during the conference ( I didn't need to take notes)

BTW, I added a new blog in the needlework business area.  The blog belongs to Hoffman Distributing Company.  They are new to blogging, please check them out and welcome them
ll still take suggestions for new blogs to read.  It seems that many of the ones I found on a blog hop earlier this year have really not been keeping up their blogs.  Really disappointing.  

I admit that I prefer blogging over facebook.  No one has tried to hack my blog (unlike facebook accounts), no one has claimed that my writings are theirs (unlike facebook) and it is not a closed group (like facebook's little secret groups that even members can't access).  Enough said, there is room for both.

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Kaisievic said...

Well done on all of your stitchy progress.