Wednesday, May 6, 2015

No stitching update yet.  I need to get photos first.

I did spend a week-end in the yard and garage though.  We hauled everything out of the garage, washed it down, power washed part of the flood and the whole driveway, weeded, moved firewood to the back of the yard, power washed the deck and collapsed.  And managed to get stung by a bee.

We did take time off for a concert.  We went to see Kenny G.  It was WONDERFUL!  I wold go again in a heartbeat!  He surprised everyone by walking down one of the two aisles - unfortunately not or side.  Flirted with people - all while playing -, waved at folks, etc.  Even when he got on stage, in between songs, he joked with us, (he has a great sense of humor), - overall a great concert and evening.

BTW, I have cleaned of some of the older blogs that haven't posted anything within the last year or so.  I did update the monthly book list.  I admit I only added one book last and read more.  I have now read 34 books for the year.  I thought I was behind the last couple of years but I am slightly ahead instead.  Yes, I keep records.  Right now I actually have 4 books going at once.  Two of them are really slow and seem to drag on forever.  One is a paperback I carry in my purse for those odd moments I have nothing to do or am stuck somewhere.  One is going rather quickly because it is well written and lighthearted.

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