Monday, November 24, 2014

Waaaay Behind

Yes, I am late in posting several things.

First I'll head back to the EGA National Seminar and direct you to another blog that had lots more photos than me and and was actually timely. Mostly Needlepoint is the blog by Vicky De Angelis.  A great read!  Start with the end date (for the seminar portion) of October 22 post and then go backwards for some great commentary and photos.

Starting off, this was the courtyard that my room overlooked.  Never very crowded and very peaceful.

 I went past this courtyard, another similar courtyard and a straightaway, past a pool, then a corner, then over a very small street/pathway before I came to this:

If I went past (to the right of the fountain) this small area and beautiful fountain, I went into the building and the first door was the shop - a very dangerous place for my pocketbook!  Going thru the archway (on the left side of the fountain), and heading to the right, you go down a hallway towards the lobby of the convention area.  Going to the left, headed towards my classroom.  I had one of the six classrooms created by splitting up

of the banquet hall.
Here is one half  of my classroom (during break time).  I had some very dedicated stitchers!

And here is some of their color choices.  Color choices are always advocated in my classroom!

You can tell that a couple of them really liked their bling!
And here's the model

More tomorrow!

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Kaisievic said...

The venue looks lovely and great colours choices by your students.