Thursday, November 27, 2014

Pins and Needles Day

Pins and Needles Day

The real purpose of Pins and Needles Day is to commemorate the opening of the pro-Labor play Pins and Needles on Broadway on this day in 1937. Over decades of time, people lost track of the original meaning of this day. Today, most people look upon Pins and Needles Day, as a nervous and anxious day. Its a day of eager anticipation, as we await an event or for something to happen. One could argue that kids are on pins and needles from now until Christmas, as they nervously wonder if they have been good enough to receive a visit from Santa in a few weeks. Of all the special days on the calendar, this is a nerve racking day. You are on pins and needles until that special future event successfully unfolds. And, if it doesn't.......... well we will just think positively. We hope you have a happy, and calm, and relaxing Pins and Needles Day!

My first thought was needles to stitch with and straight pins for marking your count!  For all the stitchers out there, this should be our day !

This year it also happens to fall on Thanksgiving, so Happy Turkey Day too!

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