Friday, October 10, 2014

As usual I seem to be running behind.  Amazing what a "simple" cold can do to you - for three long weeks -then bam! - you get exposed to something else and down you go again.  I need a short break with no kids around me so I can get healthy and get my immune system working again.

Meanwhile life has gone on.   I even fit a birthday in despite not feeling well.

I love the pink party hat to hold the balloons!

My oldest daughter remembered that I love roses - of all colors (except black).

And I have been busy working on a new project!

Meanwhile my class piece (taught by Orna Willis) from ANG National seminar is still waiting on me to get finished.   And it will continue to wait until after EGA National seminar as well.  And even then it has to compete for time with the new designs.  It will get done though.

I definitely have far too much to stitch - existing patterns and the new ones, still in my mind and needing to get to paper at least.

Time to get back to work again!


marly said...

Hope you are feeling good as new soon.

Meari said...

Sorry you've not been feeling well. Very pretty flowers. Happy Belated Birthday!