Wednesday, April 23, 2014

misc quickie

It has been busy around here and going to stay that way for another week or too until deadlines are completed.  I will do what I can to get more stitching related items into the blog.

Meanwhile - did you know that today is Wm Shakespeare's birthday?  It is and it is also the anniversary of his death.  This weird coinidence was learned in English class many, many moons ago. 

On the genealogical side, I have great news.  I have been accepted into the Jamestowne Society.  In other words, I suscessfully proved my ancestors lived in Jamestown before 1700.  THis same ancestor is a link to two other folks in Europe - Charlemagne and someone (I forgot who) who signed the Magna Carta. 

On the grandson side - the kiddos are all doing well despite their grandparents.  I was watching the two in town last week and grandson #4 (3 months old) and I fell.  I hit my head and he hit his head just above the eyebrow.  Hi is doing ok and a few days later you would never know it.  Then this week, the other grandmother (who is the full-time care-giver) had the older one fall backwards into a bookcase and cut his head.  His first stitches (actually now it is staples).  My daughter called to tell me and see if he was the youngest in the family to get stitches.  However, his aunt (my youngest daughter) still holds the record.  All is fine though.  The two out of state seem to be doing fine and just driving their mom crazy.  Grandson #3 will turn one in a few weeks - hard to believe.

Please forgive any spelling errors - after all this is a quickie!

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