Wednesday, February 5, 2014

It snowed - again !

It has snowed again. 

This is the 2nd snowiest January on record, only beat by the blizard of 1978.  Overall, we are at the 4th snowiest winter.  Ironically, the first was 1981, my first full winter here.  I remember that it snowed on January 1st and every day until mid-February - not always bit snows but snow every day.
Anyhow, this time it dumped about 8.5 inches on us.  It drifted up to our front door and you culdn't go out the front.  So we went out thru the garage and shoveled and used the snow blower and back to the shovels for the icy parts, etc.

Did I mention I'm tired of snow?  I am!

Here is the view from the end of the driveway - that's my mailbox.

Then the other side of the driveway.  Unfortunately no reference point.

From further up the driveway

ANd I mentioned I've been stitching while waiting for the grandson and the various snowfalls.

This first piece is called Abigail by Ro Pace.  It is a gorgeous piece done mostly in metallics and all in pinks. It was originally done for an Virginia group that has a breast cancer workshop every year and ask various designers to design something special.  This is special!  I wish the photo would show all the glitiz!

This is an oldie by Charland.  I could not find the cover photo.  When I went into my stash for some threads, I saw this sitting on the shelf and wondered why is it out?  So I took it upstairs and discovered, it simply need the charm.  If I had planned something else, I failed to make notes. I did change several lines - like the area with the charm, the row with "z"in it and the last row.  
Now it's finished and just needs a frame.  Maybe when the snow disappears or the roads are passable or it's spring. Not too sure which will come first.

Stay Warm!

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Anna van Schurman said...

SOrry I'm so behind in getting to this post, but I just had to comment because we couldn't get out our front door two days ago with our latest round of snow. Fortunately the back door is sheltered or we would have just had to stay inside until it all melted! LOL

That Celtic piece is quite lovely!