Monday, February 17, 2014

I know that a lot of entries have been about the weather so far this year.  Well, for my neck of Indiana, it has been an unusual winter.  The record for snow (50 inches) was created the winter of 1981-82.  I remember fairly well - we went east for Christmas with relatives arriving home just before New Years.  New Year's day it snowed and it snowed every single day for the next 6 weeks - not all large or little snows but still every day.  I had a child between 6-9 months old,dependig on when in the winter you refered to.  Somewhere is a photo of her propped against a snow drift and this winter we have already broken the record (50.6 inches) and that little one has a brand new baby this winter.

Today was the really weird weathre day.  Within a 2 hour period (possibly less), it rained, sleeted ice pellets,  snowed and had wind enough to bend my huge trees 2-3 stories) in the backyard.   I think the weather was confused as to where it was and was it supposed to do. 

I'm home most of tommorrow, with luck and will post photos.

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Angie said...

I'm in ohio. It sure has been an interesting winter.