Thursday, August 1, 2013

Yesterday the saga of the unhealthy shoulder took a new turn.

THe sga began in June when we were supposed to be on vacation.  My husband fell flat on his back.  He thinks that perhaps his knee gave out (which has happened before).  Anyhow there he wa flat on his back on a tile floor.  And he continued with the pain for a couple of days thinking it was just bruised.  THen finally he thought he would find a chiropracter, which we did who sent him to an ortho doc who did x-rays and find that hubby tore his rotor cuff.  Finally he decides we will go home early so he can get follow up treatment at home.

We see our ortho guy at home and get the MRI and wait for results, and wait.  THen the bad news, hubby really, really tore his rotor cuff.  They can't see the end of the tendon either.  So now it came down to scdeduling surgery. 

Surgery was yesterday.  First thing the ortho guy said afterwards was that the tear was even worse than the MRI showed, hubby completelytore the tendon, ortho guy had a hard time getting the tendon and stitching it and it was very close to being impossible.  NO wonder the surgery took longer than expected.  Now hubby is home and on lots of pain meds for the upcoming week. 

So now the long road to recovery begins.  Stay tuned.  I will return to stitching posts.

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Terri said...

So sorry to hear of your husband's accident, Jackie! I hope he heals quickly!