Saturday, August 10, 2013

Here is a photo of my off-and-on stitching project.  I started it on New Year's Day.  I thought about trying to finish it all this year but with the news of a new grandchild being born in 2014 - I've decided against that.

It is Blackbird Designs Houses of 2010.  Each month had a new house and a different relative of one of the ladies.  Each month will have a close relative of mine or my husband - i.e. parents, siblings, children, grandchildren and neices and nephew.  Once it is complete, I will add a small genealogy to the back of the piece before the final framing paper goes on.

As you can see there are months that barely basted and some have only the stitched outline.  None are complete.  October comes the closest.  I have changed colors in some months and will eliminate a motif or two in some to get the names or initials in place.  It will definitely be an unique genealogy by the time it is completed.

It is being stitched on 40 count linen called tea which I had in my stash.  I don't think that the fabric is even made anymore.  I am stitching over 2 with one strand on fiber.  I'm using Crescent colors, Gentle Arts (sampler threads), Weeks Dye works floss, silk and DMC.   The photo really doesn't show the fabric off very well.  In January you can't even tell the border is in.  That border may get re-stitched later.

Starting at the upper left corner, the rows are as follows:
Jan, Feb Mar
Apr, May, Jun
sampler, July, Aug
Sept , Oct , Nov
Dec, sampler

The two samplers were included with the July chart and the December chart.

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