Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I decided to do more tidbits.  Not much new to say on the home front and less on the stitching front.  I'm not getting much sleep since hubby is not sleeping well.  I'll be glad when the stitches come out!  Meanwhile here's few things to celebrate today - August 6

1782 - General
George Washington establishes the Badge of Military Merit, known today as the Purple Heart, to honor soldiers' meritorious actions in times of war.  
( a small way to honor our wounded warriors)

1986 - Timothy Dalton became the fourth actor to be named "James Bond."
( an acceptable Bond but not my favorite - Sean Connery ranks #1 with Pierce Bronsan very close behind)
1996 - The fantasy epic A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin is released.
( I love the HBO version)


Lucy Ball – 1911

Andy Warhol – 1928

Alfred Tenneyson – 1809

Edith Roosevelt - 1861 

(One of my favorite people.  She had great ideas, not all worked, but she still tried to improve other people's situations when time got tough and let them keep their self respect)

ENjoy your day!


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