Sunday, December 18, 2011

another new photo

I picked another swirly type tree for the opening photo.  I plan tomorrow to be a swirly day.  I need to hit the toy store plus a couple of other places.I figure the toy store will be the craziest!

Today was a nice and relaxing day.  In the afternoon I had my sampler guild meeting.  A small gathering since this seemed to be a popular day for holiday parties.  However, eeryone brought lots of great food to share and we had a nifty project.

Using two buttons, ribbon and beeswax, we made a little beeswax holder.  I don't have a sample to show you since I didn't take any buttons with me.  Maybe this week I can try to finish mine and remember a photo.  We shall see.

Speaking of photos, here are a couple of my "decorating":

My living room couch and coffee table.  The large pillow in the middle is new this year.  The other two were new last year.

Part of the eat-in kitchen (note the high chair for the grandkids).  All the ornaments hanging from the curtain rod are handmade.  The framed house on the left is stitched by me many , many moons ago.  The "reindeer" was a gift.  On the table, the angel is actually a teapot.  I have six Christmas/winter teapots.  Five are out on display in various parts of the house - only two are in the kitchen area.  There are also two everyday teapots out in the kitchen.

Can you tell I like teapots?  I do have a pilgrim one for Thanksgiving.  One of these days, Iwill find something I like for Halloween.  I have a couple of really floral ones for Easter/Spring/Mother's day.  They aren't totally my taste but since they were gifts, they are staying.

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