Monday, September 26, 2011


Somewhere in the past couple of weeks, my computer decided it no longer liked the version of Internet Explorer that I was using and shut down various functions on my computer.  At first, it was a puzzle, what was causing this problem, then the next problem, etc.  Finally we figured out there was one single thing causing everything - a supposedly outdated version of Explorer.

Now I hate the set-up and look of my computer.  Everything seems out of whack, not in the right place and it is now several extra steps to get to my bookmarks - they are suppose to be easy!  I think that the new Explorer hates google.  Nothing in google wants to act right now.

But here goes with fun and old news.

 Our lovely LNS owner.
A couple of weeks ago, one of my LNS sponsored a bus trip to St. Charles, MO to visit Celebrations!
A very delightful needlework show.  I rearranged several things with my DH and at the last minute freed up the schedule so I could go.  The cats looked at me funny as I was up in what most considered the middle of the night.  I packed my little cooler, pillow and stitching bag and off to pick up a friend.  We met the bus at o'dark thirty ( a familiar military term for many) on the north side of town.  Then off to the west side to pick more passengers.  Not long after that, muffins were passed out and I zonked!  Yes, I slept until the either the Missouri or Mississippi river.  I think I missed a lot of darkness.

Our  lovely cruise director who was awake the whole trip.  She was an absolute delight and so cheerful for so early in the morning!

Here are a recreation of our wonderful gift bags. Mine got a bit wrinkled being stuffed in other things while I slept.

I can't seem to get the bag turned correctly.  Inside you can see where some party beads, a large pink nametag, a pen, (not in photo), beeswax, and floss tags.  There was also some candy which was consumed before photos.

The vendors quickly caught on that the pink nametag meant we were from the bus group.  We were quite the stir.  I heard that we were the only bus group to show during the whole show.  From the looks of some ladies bags on the return trip - I 'm guessing the vendors were glad to see us.

The show was the entire 4th floor. Here are some of the banners for the shopping.

Not the greatest photos I realize but if you look into the windows, you can see some of the displays.


LK Reinmiller said...

Did you see lots of people you knoew from CATS?

LK Reinmiller said...

Sheesh!!! I took me three tries to send the message and then I misspelled knew. I'm going to bed!!!!