Thursday, September 29, 2011

part 2 of the bus trip

Continuing on with the bus trip.

Shopping was great at the Celebrations show.  However, a friend and I decided we wanted to go to downtown old St. Charles.  So we hopped on the shuttle and away we went.

We had lunch at a nice resturant where the food was good (not great) and the service was lousy.  Glad it was that way instead of the opposite.  Then we wnadered down the street.  Had to stop in the spice and tea shop.  I came home with a couple of new teas (loose leaf).  We found the cross stitch shop and enjoyed it but skipped the quilt shop (big mistake we heard).  We found the glassmaker - beautiful pieces, even Tiffany style items.  Absolutely gorgeous!  Had to visit the British shop (not real name).  Beautiful things, kilts, Irish items, etc..

Then we wandered into the street fair - a juried arts show.  The vendors were fab!  Both of us ended up with a couple of items for Christmas presents.  It was certainly a nice bonus to the day.

It turns out that I only took one shot of the fair.  But you get a good idea.  It was all along one side of the street, mostly across from resturants and bars, who moved tables out into the street for better business opportunities.

After lunch and wandering, we returned to the hotel and did more shopping of needlework.  Here's some of what I bought.

I really like turkeys to have around in November to remind of us of Thanksgiving so I just had to have this one from Hinzet - Gobble.  ALos new threads for me to play with.

Of course I had to have new (more) scissors.  Hard to see but it is a pair of pewter storks and pink polka dots.  Both were more than reasonablely priced.

Between the shops closing for the night and the bus leaving, we had just over an hour.  My friend and I sat down with some of the others and had some snacks (popcorns, chips, salsa) and a drink.  I had something new to me - Sangria rum punch.  far too smooth going down.  very tasty.

The trip home was relatively quiet.  The cold dinners which had been pre-ordered were passed out and eaten and soon stitchers were drowsing.  With it getting dark so early, it was hard to stitch so I didn't even try.  My seatmate was quickly asleep.  I dozed for part of the trip but not all of it this time.  We arrived back to our cars about 12:45 and I was home by 1:05 am.  I hugged the cats, gave them treats and told it was time to head off to bed - they quickly bounded up the stairs before I even made to the foot of the stairs.  Very quickly we were settled in bed and fast asleep.

Would I do It again?  Yes!  The sheer enthusiam of all the stitchers was great and really inspiring! 

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Dani - tkdchick said...

Great little stash haul there! I love buying scissors too!