Monday, September 5, 2011

sections photos

As promised - the photos by sections of the completed piece.

A little sloppy because I can not get them to line up and still be in the proper order.  I figure, better the right order rather than lining up straight.  The bottom really isn't as crooked as the photo shows.  It's nice and even and ready for the bottom hardware of the bell pull.  Actually all it needs is a good pressing after I pick up the bell pull hardware.

All the stars have #4 braid in them.  The candy wrappers either have a metallic or a rayon so they will look shiny.  The frog's tummy is also rayon.  The ghost and the spider web are stitched in a white metallic.  I added a small RIP to the tombstone and eliminated part of the grass.  The cat's nose and collar, as well as the frog's tongue are also done in a rayon.  All the little "extras"came out of my stash.  Except for the pumpkin in the "Pumpkin" rectangle, I used DMC.  I actually used the "Tomato" gentle arts for the pumpkin.  It's the only thing that would really show up against the fabric.

Thanks to Marie for the fabric inspiration.  Not sure if she was doing the Boo Club or the 2012 version, but she was using this fabric which really inspired me to get moving and start on my Boo CLub.  It was started in May after receiving the fabric from my not-so-local but wonderful LNS and finished at the end of August 2011.

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