Thursday, June 2, 2011

This is the Tulip Tree outside my "office"window.  Last week it had beautiful "tulips" blooming like crazy, as did the one in the backyard.  Then we had storms, awful storms.  We were lucky and didn't have tornadoes in my area but not that far away did get hit.  I'm glad I snapped these photos before because now, the tree has lost it's "tulips" prematurely due to the storm.

On the stitching front  I have finished up a couple of things that only needed a few missing stitches and made more progress on the Boo Club.

Sorry that it took me a week to get back to the blog.  June will be really hetic.  I have a very busy schedule between family functions, ANG and other committments.  But I will try to get the blog updated.

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