Saturday, June 25, 2011

Art Walk

Last night I was part of an Artist's Walk.  A small nearby town puts on an annual Brick Street Artists' Walk.  The various shops on the brick street, aka Main street, sponsor an artist to display their wares/talents outside the shop for the evening.  One of my favorite local needlework shops is on Main street and the owner asked if I wanted to be their artist.

It was an interesting evening.  By virtue of being at the end of the "walk", traffic was not as heavy as further down the street.  Those who did stop to look and converse were surprised that I actually designed the pieces I had on display.  They seem to assume that I simply stitched from a pattern.  Where they thought the pattern came from, who knows.  The best part were the few who just appreciated the pieces for their artistic qualities and liked them for that alone.

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