Friday, June 3, 2011

Here are the photos that I couln't get posted yesterday for some reason.

Just a quick cutie.

Xandadu (forgive me if the spelling is wrong) by Jim Wurth.  This was in Needlepointers with the last couple of years.  Jim did his in gold and silver if I remember correctly.

For the black and white checked border, I picked #8 perle cotton.  I am stitching the four x's as the pattern calls for but then am making them into large smyra crosses.  It really makes the border stand out and gives great texture.

What you can't see very well is some of the minor changes I've made.  Ihad some matallic purple, so I used that on the candy wrapper in the treats area. The spider web is #12 perle cotton to make it more fine.
The frog's tummy is a rayon, the same color as what's called for but somehow doesn't look quite right on the orange background.  I tried using the same regular floss called for underneath the tombstone (in Creepy)  but it looked strange, not at all like grass, even weird grass!  So out it came and I will look for something else.
I also used a metallic for the star on the frog's wand. 

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