Sunday, November 10, 2019


It's been a busy week.  And a bit chilly but the coming week is supposed to be colder yet.  I wonder if that means I will stitch more?  Either that or increase my genealogy or my reading time.  Meanwhile I decided to stitch an hour a day on my big project and then the rest on other smaller or medium sized items.

Descending Order is my big project.   Now all the borders are done except the bottom.  There is a possibility  that I may change something there, so it is "bottomless" right now.  This week I started on the bands themselves.  And here is my progress.  Also remember that some days I did stitch more than an hour.

Sorry about the shadow.
The band interiors are being stitched with Threadworx #10891
It is more subtly overdyed than the borders (Dinky Dyes)

Have a great week!

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