Saturday, June 22, 2019

Yesterday was the Longest Day SAL merged with IHSW (International Hermit Stitch Weekend).Longest Day SAL merged with IHSW (International Hermit Stitch Weekend).  I managed a whole 3 hours.  Not so great but I did get a fair amount of the blue face done.  You see a dark swirl - I did that in a darker blue purple shade just to mark it off.  After all the tent stitches are done, I will do the swirl and it will cover any missing or "base" stitches.

my blank large blue face (on top)
need this to place the whiskers later

And now you can see the facial stitching.
The white outline had been done a few days ago.
So had the gold on the middle cat.
I'm doing tent stitches for the faces because my kitties have very short hair on their faces.

And to remind us, despite the rain
it really is summer

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