Saturday, June 1, 2019

May went quickly.  So many things to do and so many projects to work on.  I actually finished 5 things, 6 if the Santa in the chimney gets counted.   The projects completed were Gobble, Halloween #1, Halloween #2, patriotic heart and Moonlight madness.  Just scroll back and you can find the photos.

Here's an update on other projects still in progress.


PS Santa 2002

PS Santa 2004

Santa in the Chimney #2

Stars and Stripes

wooly Winter


marly said...

Totally agree. May is always the month of preparing for warmer days but we were cold, wet, and it didn't seem like May at all! And boom, it's over. Nice finishes.

Robin in Virginia said...

May went as quickly as the first four months. You have made good progress on your WIPs.