Sunday, July 29, 2018

SAL time

Hi all

Time to update the stitching

Here's the group:

They always have fun things that they are stitching.

Here's my updates:

I did get a fair amount of stuff stitched since I was confined to the house for about a week or so.  I got into some poison ivy and didn't know it.  Ended up at the doctor's office and got meds.  Reacted to meds so there wasn't much I could do but some stitching.  It may make up for the next 3 week period where I have lots to do with grandkids, other non-stitching groups, etc.

last time


last time pages 1-3

today pages 1-3
still confetti missing but more is complete
if you look at the overall photo

last time

middle cat body is done

overall last time

overall today
more background


K Reeves said...

I am so sorry to learn that poison ivy is the reason for your amazing progress! That said, Wow did you get tons done! It is going to be beautiful, and the cats are coming along nicely too. It took me a bit to realize that the cats were a painted canvas, but now I can see the progress with no trouble.

Kate Chiconi said...

You got loads done! I hope the stitching distracted from the itching! (I hope it was only itching, and not too painful?)

Catherine said...

Gosh, I hope you are ok now. But you put your time to good use. You’ve got so much done and it looks fantastic!

G Adrian, Sweden said...

That lady is so beautiful and the cats…...WOW!!!!!

Claire said...

wow that's what I call progress!

The Crafty Creek said...

Lot's of progress! Love the lady, she's beautiful! Hope you're feeling better :-)

Sunny said...

The cats are so great, with different types of stitches. Hope you're feeling better soon!

Deborah said...

Sorry to hear about the poison Ivy, but on the plus side - lots of lovely stitching. The cats are fab!

Deborah Parsons said...

Sorry to hear about the poison Ivy - but lots of lovely stitching on the plus side. The cats are lovely.

Lbick said...

Sorry to hear you had poison ivy. That can be nasty stuff. I use to get it when I was quite young. I would swell up like a balloon so I’m impressed that you were able to get a good amount of stitching done.