Sunday, July 8, 2018

SAL up date - photo heavy

It's that time again.  Make sure you see the rest of the group too.  Some great items are being stitched.

Here's my stuff:

You can see some of the background

The middle cat is getting some "fur".

The third cat is done!
I have not started the 4th cat.
I need to get some other stitching done that has deadlines.

My guilty pleasure
I started her in March (I think).
I got her on clearance at a Super bowl sale then took a while to gather all the threads. 
 The threads may be DMC but it is a long list.
I chose 36 ct white linen.  
See the face - looks like a normal person?
the very top looks white?  (part of why I picked white linen)

This is where I am at as of last night.
Notice that the face and arm are not even tan 
the threads are mostly reds and reddish browns
Obviously I am not doing the piece block by block.

This is pages 1-3
This is the area I plan to concentrate on until done.
Then move on to the next three pages
The piece is 3 pages wide, 4 pages tall

This is a finished heart for "hearts for Hospice"
The background is crayon and a stencil
I used the following stitches:
Blanket, Satin, Chain and French Knots
The finishing is done by the ANG chapter that is sponsoring it

Because I couldn't get these posted on the 4th, I thought I'd 
show off some of my patriotic stitching (not all)

My design

old mini kit

Don't remember designer.
Think it could be Heinzit

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July!


Claire said...

you've been very busy

K Reeves said...

You have all very detailed projects, the woman sewing is amazing! I still love those quirky cats, they make me smile every time!

Robin in Virginia said...

The Old Glory in the last photo looks like a Hinzeit Design. I like the patriotic piece that you labeled 'your design'. I really like your colorized version of the BBD design. You have made good progress on your pieces.

Catherine - Hillview Embroidery said...

You’ve been busy with all those projects! That detailed cross stitch looks quite tricky, so well done!

G Adrian, Sweden said...

Love the cats and the woman sewing...fantastic!!!!!

Christina said...

Love your kitty project, it's coming along nicely!

Kate Chiconi said...

You have such great projects on the go, varied and interesting. I'm a bit too 'instant-gratification' to do very intricate work, I like results to show quickly so I'm very impressed :-)

The Crafty Creek said...

Gosh, what a lot of stitching! Your lady is going to look amazing!

Unknown said...

I’m loving the lady!

Lindashee said...

Those cats are coming along nicely ! And nice one on the lady, looks like a lot of hard work!

Lbick said...

Your cats look great. I really like the lady. All your projects look great

Sunny said...

These cats are so great -- and I love that you have used so many different stitches! Beautiful!