Sunday, May 6, 2018

I'm running late with Update SAL today.   I needed to do work in the yard, then hubby wanted help cleaning out the garage. and then it started to rain so we were scrambling to get things back in before the floor was dry.  Work for the day is done.  Time to read blogs and stitch.

Here's the update:

Water's Edge

Close up of the foam
the foam is the new part
I had not paid any attention to this one for awhile

Home of a Needleworker
at the bottom, it reads:
God - Home - Country - Honor - Duty

the first three words have to do with a lineage organization
that I belong to
the three reading backwards, starting on the right
has to do with the way I grew up

Hard to see the white but that will be helped with a dark 
backing fabric or dark matboard

This cat has gotten a lot of attention lately.
He/she has been my relief from the workload 
that I have had recently.

Three cats overall

Close up on the left side.

Last time I had asked for opinions because I was not happy with this side.
Since then I changed the green to one that matched, changed the
dark blue as well.  I still have three of the thing
to tent stitch yet but that is minor.

Time for you to check out the rest of the group:

Have a great week!


K Reeves said...

You have so many different projects going, and all of them with different techniques. Lots of variety!

Beth in IL said...

Love the cat projects. I have eyed them for myself for quite a bit. Nic stitching.

Christina said...

The Water's Edge piece is amazing! Beautiful stitching <3 The three cats are so cute too :D

Kate Chiconi said...

Despite not having much time to work on them, you've still got lots of progress to show. Love the cats!

Sunny said...

Wow -- you've been super busy! I love all the variety and especially the "water's edge" with the foam!

Magpie Sue said...

Ooo! I like Water's Edge a lot. And I can see the appeal of the Laurel Burch cats. It's been interesting to me to realize that I suffer more from Stitcher's ADD than I do Quilter's ADD. :-)

G Adrian, Sweden said...

The cats are still my favorite, but you are doing a great progress on all your embroideries!!!!!

Robin in Virginia said...

Lovely WIPs! I really like the words you stitched at the bottom of Home of a Needleworker. Have a good week!

Anonymous said...

You've been a busy bee ! That waterfall project is really hypnotising, love it.

Anonymous said...

Love the waters edge embroidery :-)

stitchingranny said...

Love the look of the water one and such pretty foam edging

Tony said...

I think the vanguard cats are my favorites here!

Tiffstitch said...

Love Water's Edge and the cats are so cool!!

Kaisievic said...

Gorgeous stitching - that sea foam is so very beautiful.

Linda said...

Love all your projects. The seafoam one is beautiful

Tony said...

The abstract art is really coming along nicely!! Great work!