Wednesday, March 25, 2015

I admit that my posts lately have not been very prompt, up-to-date or whatever. I have been watching/babysitting/caring for two of our grandkids for the last two weeks.   My oldest daughter is here in town and her MIL used to watch the kids while she was at work.  MIL decided retirement was here and they were moving - out of state and gave a date of 1 April.  Then while we were on vacation in earlier March, changed to the date to mid-March.  So we came home and started taking care of the 4 yr old and the 13 month old kiddos.
I will admit that part of me is sad that they will be going to daycare and yet I know I can't do this full time anymore.  I'm falling asleep before 8 pm (if that late), meals have gone downhill drastically, I'm not getting things done anymore and I miss my activities and seeing other adults.  Getting up at 6am is just not me - it never was but it was a lot easier when I was younger and we were raising our kids.  So hopefully next week I will more back on track and actually get to stitch again.

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marly said...

Now I'm craving a blizzard but it's late. But tomorrow....DQ!!