Monday, November 18, 2013

Yesterday (Sunday) was most interesting.  I had wanted to start a new project and watch a tv program at 2 pm.  Ha-ha! 

The channel is talking only abouth the weather and where and when it was going to hit.  Yes, I was in the path of the infamous mid-west storm.  And so it continued to give warnings as I did things to prepare for the worse case.  Until about 4 pm when the power went out.  Candles were ready, flashlights, etc.  Except -dinner - because they were saying the storm wouldn't hit us til 6 pm or later.  ha-ha!  So it was cold pizza for dinner.  We spent the evening playing cribbage by candlelight.

Some time in the night, the power came back.  Hubby went off to PT and I went to EGA stitching.  Then around noonish, hubby calls me and says the power is gone again.  Another call to the power company.  By the time I arrived home, he had power for maybe 15 minutes. So I'm trying to get this post in before it goes again. 

I hope my freezer is ok.  I just did some major shopping last week and is it nearly full.  I haven'topened itand the house hasn't been warm since there hasn't been power and the outside temps have dropped at least 20 degrees.  we shall see.

Good news is that I got some stitching done today.

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