Wednesday, April 25, 2012


We will start with the newest TUSAL.  This is April 2012.  THe jar is full.  Next month will be a new container.  The brown peeking thru is from the next photo - my BAP.

My current BAP

The bird seems to be taking forever!  It is supposed to stitched with Gentle Arts Sable.  I have three skeins of it - three very different skeins!  So I am combining the three of them to create a "middle ground" of color.

 One is a dark tan, another more choclate and the third is a dark wood brown.  Not the greatest of photos but you get the idea.

I also have a finish for April. 

This is a Bent Creek piece - Thankful Quaker.  I changed the lower right corner.  It looked as if it was a knife and fork so I added another heart.  Unfortunately the chart did not match the photo/stitching in a few places, so I used my judgement.  Their "leaves" are a bit odd shaped but I stitched them anyhow.

Next up is my WIP - the tapestry cat.  It didn't get lots of attention for the past month but it did get some.  Mostly the upper corners, photo includes cat tail too.

Lastly.  My newest non-stitching buy - my mouse!

Yes, I opted for a wireless mouse.  So far, so good.  It is a little lighter than the computer but it still goes with it (color-wise).  And you can see that my mouse pad goes along with my love of stitching.  It doesn't dare wear out since I've not seen anything else like it.

And that's it for today.


dulcinella said...

You did an impressive amount of stitching. I love your works, especially the cat. I think it is a gorgeous piece. Your current BAP is also very beautiful, which designer is it from? You found a good solution on the different colors of the sable. happy stitching.

lesli said...

Beautiful ORTs!
All your stitching is so lovely.....Congratulations on the finish of Thankful Quaker!