Thursday, April 26, 2012

Books update

One of the things I elearned at Biltmore was that George Vanderbilt was an avid reader.  He kept a journal of the books he had read and it listed approximately 3000 books, or an average of 80 books a year.  The guide did not know at what point in his life that George started listing his books.  Still an average of 80 books a year is impressive, especially since he didn't just read novels.

Last year I read 80 books and hope to do so again this year but the goal is set at 75.  In 2010 I didn't start recording the books until July 1st. So for the second half of the year, I read 50 books.  I admit that I usually read novels, rarely read textbooks any more but do read biographies and light histories.  I would consider a textbook to be a heavy history.

Simply novels so far this year but the year is far from over.

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