Tuesday, November 22, 2011

time flies

This week has been so busy - stitching and shopping, etc.  So much to do to get ready for Thanksgiving!
Last night was two types of cookies, a new recipe for a pumpkin-spice cookie and an old familiar "white" cookie (as they are known in this house).  Today is cleaning day - not just tidy up but scrub.  After all, little kids manage to find every speck of dust and dirt you might possibly have.  It's a good day to do because it is raining, damp, cold and generally yucky outside.

Progress continues on the new design (goal is to have it done after Thanksgiving) and the colors have been plled for the next one.  Actually I pulled the colors several days ago, sat them on the canvas, parked it in ym family room and stared at them over the past several days.  Last night I yanked about half of the threads and then decided the rest will work nicely.  Colors are coming better than the design.  It's been re-worked 3 times so far and yet not one stitch taken.  I suspect the upcoming holiday is partially to blame.

I hope all you are traveling for Thanksgiving, have a safe journey!

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