Tuesday, November 15, 2011

another borrowed idea

Here I am borrowing another idea - this time from the Lake Stitcher.

Where is my favorite place to stitch - At home is easy, curled up on the couch so I can have the tv on.  Though in the summer I do enjoy the back deck.

Away from home - Again easy.  The stitch groups of my EGA chapter.  We have two seperate stitching sessions most months apart from the meeting.  Everyone signs up to host at some time or another.  It's not so much the comfort of the homes vs the comfort of friends.
Also, the Hoosier Stitchers also try to meet every month (it doesn't always happen) but we meet in a library.  The library is ok (chairs could be better) but the company is great.
My newest place is one of my local shops (Needle Fever).  The owner has stitching groups on wednesdays and thursdays.  I try to go each week to the wednesday group.  It's relaxing and fun!
Any retreat is fine too.  Most have been in state parks sponsored thru EGA or ANG but a couple have been in large cabins at church camps.

Maybe tomorrow I'll have an original idea but I won't promise anything as busy as this week is scheduled.

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