Friday, May 13, 2011

Not much new here.  I've been doing more reading and genealogy than stitching the last few days.  But tomorrow is a stitch-in for the Hoosier Stitchers.  I plan on going and relaxing and stitching away.  The stitch-ins are always an enjoyable time.

Someone asked about the photo of the piece I had posted on Wednesday.  It's called Diamond in the Rough.  I designed it and taught it at CATS (Creative Arts and Textiles) shows.  I always thought of it as a fun piece and a good way to learn some different canvas stitches.  Also adaptable to almost any color scheme.

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Lynn said...

What ever happened to CATS? I went a couple times and really enjoyed it. hen I couldn't find anymore information on it. It was great to have so many wonderful designers in one place to share their knowledge.