Tuesday, May 10, 2011

new photos

I have been meaning to update my stitching with photos but time keeps slipping by.  So here are some new photos.

ANG offers a Stitch-of-the Month (SOTM) on their website.  For 2011, Ro Pace is doing the stitches.  January started with the outline, then we have been adding a different stitch each month.  This is mine thru May's stitch.  My overdyed is Williamsburg (waterlilies by Caron Collection).  I am stitching on a light blue Congress Cloth.

If you are not familiar with ANG, then check out the website.  http://www.needlepoint.org/index.php
Definitely check out the previous years of SOTM!

My progress as of Monday on Sea Opal.  This is the project taught by Ro Pace at my ANG Chapter - White River - retreat at the end of March.

This is a sneak preview of a new piece that I have created.  Not much to see but then that's why it's called a sneak peek.

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