Sunday, September 1, 2019

SAL Update i.e. the photos arrived

This is my third attempt to post this!  Between this and the photos staying cyberspace for over 12 hours, my patience is running low.  I need to get back to stitching.

Here's the updates:

Three cats -  There is no overall photo.  Just the various areas I have worked on lately.

You can see the largest cat has his face filled in as well as his forehead and ears.
Thread is shown at right for the forehead.

Middle cat's face.
This is the same thread type (Soy Luster) as his body
The body is an overdyed from light to dark
The face is the dark in a solid color.

Some new beads on the right side

And on the left side, beads have begun.

Autumn is coming along.
The O in boo (left side) is stitched over 1.
It looks crooked because I stretched crooked
stitches are ok though.

An Open Heart
the second line of verse visible is down one thread from where it should be.
I  probably will re-stitch it later.

Coffee is probably done.
There is a border that goes around but until I find a frame I like
it isn't going to be stitched.  I am also stitching another coffee piece to 
go with this one - one reason why I changed the colors of the mugs.
One frame or two?
Need to stich both before deciding

I think that this is it for now.

Check out the rest of the group!

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Have a great week-end


jenny Ginger Ninja Crafts said...

What a beautiful selection of projects, I love your autumnal piece (my favourite season, can't wait for it to arrive - how sad eh!!) and those cats are gorgeous, so bright and colourful. Great work.
Jenny x

Anonymous said...

really love the bright colours of those cats!

K Reeves said...

Those cats are really coming along, and you have such a nice variety of projects you are working on. Always inspiring!

Magpie Sue said...

I'm so glad your photos finally came through! The Laurel Burch cats must be fun to stitch. I'm a little jealous. ;-) Lots of progress, good job!

Sewing Beside the Sea said...

Great to see the photos finally arrived. It's a pain when they take so long! Your cat project is amazing!!

Mary Margaret said...

Lots going on for you Jackie! It's fun seeing all of your projects.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Sorry you've been having difficulty with the photos. I'm just learning Windows 10 on my new laptop and it's an experience. Lovely projects and thanks for sharing. Happy Stitching, Jackie.

Margaret Creek said...

Great projects, I think Open Heart and the autumn one are my favourites :-)