Sunday, December 2, 2018

Today is also SAL day.  SAL first, Christmas second.

The lady has not been worked on at all.  I have been busy with other items of stitching as well as other parts of life.

For example. One of the lineage groups I belong donates handmade blankets to the VA hospital every November.  I did 5 this year and  for another lineage group I did another 12 or so.  Some were smaller though since they were for children.  Here is the group photo for the VA hospital.

The group did a total 38 blankets.

Here's the stitching!

This Santa is done.

These three are all in progress

This guy just didn't make to Thanksgiving - this year.
And so goes the SAL.
On to December silliness

Where I want to be

looks more like where I am


Sewing Beside the Sea said...

Wow! You've been busy with all sorts. Well done on all :-)

Robin in Virginia said...

Your perforated paper ornaments are looking good. Are the blankets you created made from fleece?

Sunny said...

You've been very very busy! I love that you make blankets for the VA -- thank you for that.

Lbick said...

Looks like you have gotten a lot done. Love the Santa

Christina said...

Your ornaments look great! I love the mitten one :)

The Crafty Creek said...

Love the first Santa with his curly beard :-)

Kate Chiconi said...

Cool Santa would look at home here, Down Under. Christmas is our hottest time of year!

G Adrian, Sweden said...

Love that tree dress! Have you made it? It´s original and so great!

Catherine - Hillview Embroidery said...

You’ve been busy with lots of things! Enjoy the festivities of the season.

K Reeves said...

You have had a lot on your plate this past month, but thos cute ornaments are really finishing up nicely!