Sunday, March 25, 2018

Good thing I didn't do the updated photos yesterday.   This is what I saw out my window all day and into evening.

Look closely, that is snow again.  Official total was 8.2 inches.  This is not disappearing  quite so quickly.   Our house faces north, so everything in front dries slowly, snow disappears slowly, etc.  Directly across the street, about half their yard is minus snow.  However our back is still fairly deep - too many trees and shade - great for summer, not for snow to disappear.  Tomorrow they say it will get up to 50 degrees.  Mmmm - we shall see.  

It turns out that most of the day I found things on tv to watch and stitch and stitch.  Also read a little in there somewhere too.

So the stitch update photos weren't taken until today. 


Beads have been started
(mostly left side)

Spacing for everything has been worked out.
Underneath the row of greenery
(not yet finished)
will be words that mean something to me
I'm skipping the alphabet and numbers
really wrinkled so it looks a bit wonky

Now please go check what the rest of my SAL group has been doing
(or not - it happens to all of us)

Happy stitching !


Anonymous said...

Oh dear that's a lot of snow! I hope it warms up soon. The cats are looking great :-)

Tony said...

So much snow! Your cats are amazing!

Anonymous said...

those cats look fabulous on the brightly coloured fabric!

K Reeves said...

Such fancy felines! They certainly grab one's attention, you just have to keep looking, the patterns really encourage a long study. We had our 8 inches last weekend, and now that it is melted, it is time for some more! When it does finally warm up, the green will happen over night.

G Adrian, Sweden said...

Love those cats!!! We also have a lot of snow. Yesterday it was almost spring, but today it´s back to winter again.

Robin in Virginia said...

Congratulations on the purple cat finish! The gold cat is looking good as is your Home of a Needleworker piece. Pretty snow picture!

Lbick said...

Cute cats! Hope your snow goes away soon!

Sunny said...

Oh those cats! So beautiful! I think you got more snow in a day than we got all winter in Seattle. (I hope I haven't just jinxed myself!) Looking forward to see how your "Home of a Needleworker" piece progresses!