Saturday, September 9, 2017

I've joined a new SAL.  That now makes 3 for me for the year.  The other two will end at the end of the calendar year but the new one will continue for a long time.  At my rate, it may be forever.

This is the description:

 The idea of the SAL is simply to motivate us all to get projects finished at our own pace. There is no set amount that you should stitch for each update and there are no deadlines. The emphasis is on simply enjoying stitching and motivating each other :-)

So here are the WIPs.  as of last week (which is when I meant to get these photos up.

This is my sampler SAL. 
(thru facebook)
Technically more of a current/ongoing project
Note at the top (and working downward)
that there are spots of missing needlework that 
need to be revisited.
However, I am fairly current with this piece.

This wrinkled mess is my other SAL.
(thru facebook)
The photo is upside down so you can see more of it.
I do have a big gap in it because I wanted to change the pattern.
I have decided what is going in it and will post at the appropriate time.
I am behind in this piece and really want it done by the 
end of the year when it ends.

This is the first official WIP that I want done.
This started as a SAL.  
(thru facebook)
Everyone got the first design area and then you had to send a 
photo to get the next one.  And so on.  Some folks stitched quickly
 and posted photos which I thought was great but the designer didn't.
Then it came out that she expected to be at a leisurely pace of two years.
It got to be you received a whole row at a time.
My problem was that I asked for the last two rows in early January.
We were going to be traveling for most of January and I wanted to
take only one project - a compromise with my hubby.
So I asked nicely and again and again.  I took a different project.
Finally after a few of actually spoke up, we got what ever we had asked for.
BY then I was on to two other big projects and several little ones.
Now I want to get it done and over.

This is WIP #2
Anniversaries of the Heart
As you can see very few blocks are fully complete.
February is!
My son initials and youngest grandson are there.
The freebie sampler block is done.
All the others are close but no cigar.
I picked this size/direction because I already know where
I want to hang it in my home.

Choice #3 is still up in the air.  
Here are some photos of other WIPs that I may
spend some time on or not.

Just needs the buttons.

Mostly needs backstitiching.
Needs to be done for 
Christmas or before the season starts.
For the SIL who coaches

Found this when cleaning up the needlework earlier this year.
I need to double check the vine on the left to make sure everything is done
then stitch a date.  So close!

That's it for now.  There are more in the bag of priorities that I haven't
taken photos of yet.

Check in for the new SAL in 17 September.

Daughter and family in FL did leave southern FL and now are in more 
northern FL (not the panhandle) and planning on
staying there.  Just no fuel any where.  They are staying 
with friends and hopefully will be ok.


marly said...

Hope everyone will be safe and Irma will continue to weaken.
Those samplers are AMAZING. So much detail, just beautiful.

Robin in Virginia said...

Continuing to pray for those in Irma's path and that she weakens greatly. You have a number of beautiful projects going.

lynda said...

I love your Three Things Sampler...that is still one of the favorite things I've stitched. I hope your daughter is mom is in Florida too...they went as far north as Orlando...does not seem far enough to me1 WHat is this stitch whenever/whatever SAL you mentioned? It sounds perfect!

Terri said...

Glad your family is safe! My DIL's sister and her family are here from Pensacola. Love the stitching, especially the first sampler! Who's design is it?

Anonymous said...

I'm pleased to hear your family have a safe place to stay. I love all of your WIPs. A blogging friend of mine has a WIP lottery. She puts the names of all of them in a bag and pulls out one that she must stitch until it's done. She's very disciplined and she's getting through them all :-) I'm so pleased you decided to join the SAL. I'm sure you'll find the only pressure will be self imposed. We're a very laid back bunch. Avis