Friday, June 30, 2017

A couple of weeks ago I went to a street fair.  It's still called that but it has grown an has been a juried show for many years now.  But it's always fun and has some great things.  Here are a few shot of interesting booths.

I admit that I like Knights
but he did not come home with me other than the photo.

Unique table.
There were numerous other sizes as well.

Every year this booth has some unique curved glass.
I think the curve is half of the appeal.
This year was different that they had a lot of black and white.

I love teapots!

And yet another teapot.

This is all a silver metal.
Walking towards the fair  (I parked 4 blocks away)
I saw a lady carrying this huge tree that was of this silver metal.
It was gorgeous!

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