Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Yes, it is a real "holiday" or celebration might be a better word.  Then again, every day seems to be a cat day in their opinion.

Thanks to our kitten, rapidly moving towards that first birthday, we now move furniture on a routine basis.  It seems that he likes things, anything, that he can push, pull or pick up and then moves it to a hiding place.  I never realized how much space was under my dresser in the back.  Last week I was going crazy trying to find my watch.  So I moved my dresser,not an easy feat.  There was my watch, two missing bottles of nail polish, a chapstick (one of many missing) and some torn paper.  Yes, I have a cat that likes to rip and eat paper.  He has chewed my referral for a doctor, a bill and a box (at least one edge).  Those are just what we know about for sure.

Then there is the cat who is nearly 5.  Calm, relaxed and tolerant of humans to a degree. He doesn't come out when there are guests here.  Though if they stay longer than a day, he will finally wander out.  At Christmas, it's a game of who sees Max first and who scares him off first.  He has made it clear to the kitten who is in charge, even though the kitten is now slightly larger than he is.- height and length, not pounds.

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