Sunday, July 26, 2015

Update time

I have to admit that I haven't updated stitching photos lately because I couldn't find my camera.  Last night I finally found it.  So be prepared for photos.  Here goes:

 What it should look like (but I have changed colors)

 Last known update I could find.

 as of 7-25-2015
The end is in sight!  (for this one anyhow)

What it should be - yes I made changes.  I may make more.  I will probably drop the border, I don't plan on doing the alphabet or the blackbird.  Still debating the butterflies vs another star.

 last known update

as of 7-25-2015

Last known update.  I don't think I took a photo of the original on the instructions.

As of 7-25-2015

According to the directions, it needs two more borders.  I tried one and it looked awful!  So while I debate the ending border, I still have one row of herringbone to finish and beads to put on. plus some of the gold thread in the center.  Getting very close to being done.

Overall, it's a good thing there are at least two of these that are nearly complete.  I have have way more WIPs to finish up plus new designs floating around.  And far too many other obligations and commitments to honor.

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Dani - tkdchick said...

Great stitching!!! Glad you found your camera!