Monday, June 1, 2015

Quick update on books that have been read.  May was better than it has been lately - 2000 plus pages.  I am ahead of where I was in 2013 and behind where I was in 2014.  Who knows where it will end up, after all we aren't even half way thru the year yet.

On the genealogy front, we have sent one of our family histories to the printer.  It should be finished by the end of June.  Th starting ancestor is William Morris Sr.  He and his wife, Elizabeth, had 10 kids, all who lived to adulthood. This family was one of the main early settlers in the Kanawha Valley, otherwise known today as Charleston, WV.   The volumes trace the entire family.  Yes, I said volumes.  The "book" turned out to be 28 volumes.  We are having limited editions printed and will be donated to 4 different libraries or archives.

Have a great monday!

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