Tuesday, April 21, 2015

In a way this describes my oldest grandson's first t-ball game this past week-end.  The closest anyone got to being hit int he head was one of the adults who helped with the T.  He had just instructed this little girl on what to do and she went for it.  He barely got out of the way.  The kids have had 2 practices - everything else has been rained out.  

This is the adult that almost got hit and my grandson.  You can see the shirt is a bit too big, as well as the helmet.  He is about to get instructions as to where to stand, etc.  They get 5 pitches then move on to using the T.  Everyone gets to hit and run the bases and they only play 2 innings.

Not much as changed since his uncle (my son) played t-ball many years ago.

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