Sunday, August 17, 2014

I admit I forgot to post this when I posted about Book Lover's Day.  My stats for 2014 so far.
I have read 55 books for a total of 19,501 pages.   In 2013, I had read about the same amount of pages but 61 books.  Looks like this year I'm reading larger books.  Actually I know I am.  Last year I read 7 chunksters (meaning 450 pages or more).  This year I have already read 7 chunksters.

I'm keeping busy doing the final prep work for the ANG seminar.  There are lots of thing going on at home - concerts we had scheduled, grandson #1's birthday, hubby's birthday, youngest daughter being home for a very short visit, volunteer work (that is definitely keeping me busy!) and of course life in general.

I'm glad that I am a multi-task person.  How boring for those who can't or won't multi-task.  Off to another task!

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