Thursday, July 10, 2014

It's Turtle Trot update and I don't really have much to show.  I did work on a couple of things but didn't remember to take photos.  I have been steadily working on a new design (or two) but those are not ready for the public.  So I thought I would show you some photos of where I have been in the last month which distracted me from some of my stitching.

This is a plaster replica of the statue that stands on the top of the Capitol building.  This one is in the Capitol visitors center.

This painting is is the rotunda of the Capitol building.  It happens to be painted by an ancestral relative of mine.  There are a few more of his paintings in the rotunda as well as other places in DC.


Dani - tkdchick said...

DC is on my bucket list of places I want to visit!!! Its just TOO expensive a city to stay in!

Jennifer said...

Haven't been to DC since my BFFs wedding 20 years ago. Would love to go back and see more of the sites.
Thank you for you kind and compassionate comments on my blog after the passing of my lovely cat Twinsy.