Thursday, June 19, 2014

been awhile

I know it's been awhile since I posted any real stitching stuff,  so here are photos and comments:

First I am surprised about the lack of interest about the death of Betty Ring.  I've only seen a mention on one other blog and nothing from my sampler group on yahoo or my local sampler group.  I would have thought that true sampler lovers would have a little more interest.  There was certainly more interest when the samplers were sold at auction.  She did a lot to promote samplers and preserve them.

This was the end of April.   Everything fit comfortably into my little travel container.

Then at the end of May, everything was packed solid into my travel container and a little fuzzy.
Once I take the photo, the orts go into a large container to wait for the end of the year.

I finished this small in early May.  (house and snow)

I think this is where I left off showing my group of smalls.

This is what those boots turned into.  (sorry about the photo, I forgot to turn it before I posted)

And I have one more on this fabric started but no photo yet.

As for the Turtle trots - I'm slowly working on a few but not much progress.  "Work" stitching has been taking a huge priority as well as a few other things in life - like grandkids.

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