Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Bookish update

I keep a running tally of the books I read each year.  Each year I set a goal and try to be realistic.  Mu goal for this year was 80 books.  Yet secretly I want to beat last year's total (82 books, and 28,120 pages).  
In November of this year, I hit the 80 books mark and I also hit the 82 book mark but I didn't match the pages. 
As of Dec 11, 2013, I have read 86 books and a total (so far) of  28,557 pages for the year 2013.  And to think there are still 2 weeks or so left in the year.
I will admit, there were more opportunities to read this year (and no, my stitching did not suffer) that were very unexpected. and hopefully will not be repeated.

A year-end account will be published in January for those who are curious.

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