Monday, January 7, 2013

Give-away cancelled

I can't believe no one wanted any charts - for free!  Not a single person signed up for the give-away.
I can only hope that some folks are still reading the blog at least.

I changed the photo to reflect the current outdoors around our area.   Our roads are clear but parking lots are filled with huge snow mounds, yards have lots of snow on the ground.  And for the next few days, no new snow is predicted.


Katie said...

Hi Jackie. I read your blog. I don't like samplers and knew I probably wouldn't do the other piece. Sorry. I don't like entering for things I don't think I'll use. I figured I would leave it for someone who could use it. Sorry no one else saw it.

Donna said...

I'm reading. Been on vacation where I'm not paying attention.

Just didn't want you to think no one is reading, because that would be wrong.

Happy New Year!

jhm said...

Thanks guys. I appreciate the comments.


Denise said...

I too have been reading just a little behind on it. just so you know and I do enjoy your blog.
Happy Stitching