Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Books for July

My book list for July is terribly short, 5 read and 1 audio book.  Even the page numbers are down, only 1762 pages read (doesn't count the audio book).  However, one book was 532 pages and well worth the time - Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel. 

It takes place during the time of Henry VIII in England - the rise of Cromwell, Anne Boleyn and the demise of Thomas More.  I find the entire reign of Henry VIII fascinating.  Had he stayed a good Catholic, England would be a much different country.  But then again, kings rarely did what was expected, usually it was what they wanted instead.  Even that has changed considerably.

Now it's August and on to a new book count.

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Anna van Schurman said...

The dude loved Wolf Hall and thought Bring up the Bodies was as good. So you may have another long one on your hands! (*I* think five books is a lot!)